This project will develop a victim-sensitive approach to responding to the needs of sexual assault survivors in Nanaimo.  To this end, Haven Society and Haven Society Community Victim Services will be working with the Nanaimo Family Life Association (NFLA), Forensic Nurse Examiners and our RCMP detachment.

Sexual Assault Response Program (SARP) is a coordinated community effort to provide after hours response to victims of sexual assault in Nanaimo.  This pilot project is funded by a Civil Forfeiture funding from the Government of BC

The program is connected with the Nanaimo based Community Coordination for Domestic Safety, specifically the sexual assault sub committee – comprised of Forensic Nurse examiner, Crown Council, RCMP Police Victim Services and RCMP, Native Court Worker, Tillicum Friendship Centre, NFLA and Haven Society.

The vision for SARP is to develop a sustainable program to continue to provide after hours responses for victims beyond March 31 2016.

The issues the project will address include:

  • Provide crisis and ongoing support for victims of sexual assault as they navigate services

  • Promote victims’ rights and assist with their emotional, physical, psychological, economic and spiritual needs

  • Address specific problems victims may encounter when navigating multi-jurisdictional service areas such as medical, legal and therapeutic needs by providing consistent support and where necessary, advocacy to victims

  • Increase the victim-centered collaborative responses in our community through partnering with Nanaimo Family Life, Forensic Nurse Examiners, Island Health and RCMP

As this project is still in early stages of development, please check back for more information or contact Michelle Good.


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