Haven Society’s mission is to promote the integrity and safety of women, children, youth and families and the development of a respectful and healthy community.  As a leading anti-violence organization operating from feminist principles, Haven Society will achieve this mission by providing a range of services, public education and advocacy.

At Haven Society we believe…

  • No one deserves to be abused.

  • Violence has no place in relationships or in society.

  • Relationship and societal violence arise from an imbalance and misuse of power and control.

  • Equality, mutual respect, self-esteem, and interdependence are values that foster healthy relationships and a healthy society.

  • Education and awareness are essential for prevention.

  • Women and children are diverse and have a right to have their differences respected and supported.

  • The community has a right and a responsibility to become involved. stone

Our purpose is…

  • To provide and maintain shelter for women of all ages, who have been physically, sexually and/or emotionally abused and for their children.

  • To provide a range of programs and services including information, counselling, crisis support and advocacy services for women, children, youth and families who are experiencing physical, sexual, and/or psychological violence in their lives.

  • To develop and provide innovative programs and services that reflect feminist principles.

  • To provide other related services to individuals affected by violence in accordance with a commitment to diversity.

  • To initiate violence prevention activities and promote public awareness of violence against women and children.

  • To cooperate with other social agencies in the community.

  • To raise funds for carrying out the services of the Society.

  • To promote changes in social policy and legislation to support the Mission.