Haven’s Holiday Wish List

Every year, Haven Society relies on the generosity of our donors for items that ensure women and children from Ladysmith to Bowser have the basic necessities they need as they seek support, shelter, and a safe place to begin healing from abuse.  Below are items that Haven Society is in dire need of this year, and we thank you for your continued support of our vital work in your community.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards in any denomination for local businesses (e.g. Superstore, Chapters, Wal-Mart, theatres, restaurants are very welcome!

Help local women and children celebrate the holiday.

Bring some joy and holiday cheer into the lives of local families who may not otherwise be able to afford basic necessities, food or gift items this season.

Grocery Gift Cards and Turkey Vouchers

Gift cards or food vouchers in any denomination can make a huge difference to local families struggling to make ends meet.

Help local women and children get enough to eat this Christmas

For many Haven Society clients, the holidays can prove to be challenging. Grocery cards and turkey vouchers can go a long way to providing basic necessities,and a most welcome treat during a tough time.

Bus Tickets

For many women and their children, transportation costs are a barrier. Donating bus tickets to Haven can provide freedom and opportunities.

Help give the gift of freedom and mobility.

Women and children without access to transportation are often unable to access assistance in their community. By donating bus tickets, you can help ensure women and their families have full access to the support they need.

New Socks, Underwear, Toiletries and PJs for Women and Children

Women and children fleeing domestic violence often leave with nothing but the clothing on their backs. Help provide basic comforts and necessities for clients in the Transition and Safe Houses.

Give a Gift of Comfort

Think of all the things you need for an overnight trip. Toothbrush? Deodorant? Shampoo? Comfy pajamas? Help us make sure our clients have the most basic comforts during what can be a very difficult time.

Throw a Party for Haven!

Is your office hosting a Holiday Party this year? Consider making Haven Society your charitable partner and asking employees to make a donation in lieu of a Secret Santa. Or consider making one larger donation on behalf of your organization instead of individual gifts this year. Some companies will consider matching a portion of the donations made,  so consider a Fundraising Goal of $1000 or more and start a holiday drive. Challenge competitors to do the same for some friendly holiday rivalry, with life-changing results for local women, children and families.

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Did you miss Haven Society’s Domestic Violence Unit (DVU) presentation?

Now you can listen and find out more, thanks to our friends at People First Radio!


Using the links below: left-click to listen; right-click to save.

Full program (runs 57:00)
Sally Fendick, RCMP Cst Jeanne Vestergaard, Magi Cooper
Sally Fendick, Courtney Dunae, Marilyn Woodruff, Jackie Gaudet
Nanaimo RCMP Commander Supt Mark Fisher
592_nanaimo domestic violence unit COMPLETE_november_06_2014_40

First half of program (runs 19:28)
Sally Fendick, RCMP Cst Jeanne Vestergaard, Magi Cooper, Courtney Dunae, Marilyn Woodruff, Jackie Gaudet
592a_nanamio DVU_sally fendick_november_06_2014_40

Second half of program (runs 25:11)
Nanaimo RCMP Commander Supt Mark Fisher
592b_nanaimo DVU_mark fisher_november_06_2014_40



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Voices From Haven

Quotes From Clients About Their Experience With Haven Society

I feel I was valued here. I feel more valued out in the world too and in my personal relationships.
Anonymous, Haven Client
I did not know what I was going through was common to others. It was profound as I have always felt so alone and helpless. Now I have greater understanding, I am able to move forward.
Anonymous, Haven Client
I was homeless for five years and now I have had a place for two years thanks to this program.
Anonymous, Haven Client
I cherish you all so much. I haven’t got the deep enough words to express how I feel about the counsellors at Haven and the system of Haven.
Anonymous, Haven Client
Haven has donated a lot to me, I’m so grateful for that. It really gave me a feeling like I’m going to be able to make it. It gave me a sense of stability.
Anonymous, Haven Client
A year ago I was suicidal and did not plan for tomorrow. Today the world is my oyster. There is nothing I cannot do now!
Anonymous, Haven Client