Do You Have A Cell Phone To Spare?

Community Victim Services at Haven Society in Nanaimo provides used cell phones to women fleeing abusive relationships. These cell phones are donated by the community, and are used to make emergency 911 calls only. These phones have been instrumental in saving the lives of many women in Nanaimo, and we are currently in need of donated cell phones.

Used cell phones can be dropped off at our Community Services Building located at 2270 Labieux Road.  Thank you for your continued support, and for helping us make a difference in the lives of women and children fleeing domestic abuse.



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Voices From Haven

Quotes From Clients About Their Experience With Haven Society

I feel I was valued here. I feel more valued out in the world too and in my personal relationships.
Anonymous, Haven Client
I did not know what I was going through was common to others. It was profound as I have always felt so alone and helpless. Now I have greater understanding, I am able to move forward.
Anonymous, Haven Client
I was homeless for five years and now I have had a place for two years thanks to this program.
Anonymous, Haven Client
I cherish you all so much. I haven’t got the deep enough words to express how I feel about the counsellors at Haven and the system of Haven.
Anonymous, Haven Client
Haven has donated a lot to me, I’m so grateful for that. It really gave me a feeling like I’m going to be able to make it. It gave me a sense of stability.
Anonymous, Haven Client
A year ago I was suicidal and did not plan for tomorrow. Today the world is my oyster. There is nothing I cannot do now!
Anonymous, Haven Client