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PEACE Program

The PEACE Program (Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Counselling, & Empowerment) is a provincial intervention/prevention program that addresses the needs of children and youth aged 3 to 18 who have experienced violence and/or abuse at home. 

PEACE Services include:

  • group and individual counseling and support for children and youth

  • safety planning for families

  • raising community awareness through violence prevention education

  • support for non-offending caregivers

We recognize that to effectively support youth and children who have experienced violence and/or abuse, we must also support the family. Support is offered and strongly recommended for parents and caregivers whose children are enrolled in the PEACE program. 

PEACE Program Services Available:

  • Individual support and group counselling for children, youth and caregivers

  • School-based groups and education activities designed to prevent violence

  • Presentations to the community on how children and youth resond to domestic violence

The PEACE Program is offered by Haven Society free of charge

Children respond to violence and abuse in their homes in many different ways.   A child/youth who has experienced violence may sometimes express:

  • I feel angry; Sometimes I yell

  • I feel nervous; I have trouble falling asleep

  • I am watchful all the time; People think I am not paying attention

  • I feel sad; I keep to myself

  • I feel worried; I think about bad things happening

  • I feel relieved; My mom is not being hurt anymore

  • I feel frustrated; I throw things and pick on my little brother

  • I feel overwhelmed; I escape into daydreaming a lot

  • I feel upset; I miss the way my family used to be

  • I feel scared: I don’t want anyone in my family to be hurt

Thanks to Interior Community Services

Kamloops Community YMCA-YWCA for developing

and sharing this material 

Important Resources For Children and Youth

Need help now? You can reach a Kids Help Phone counselor 24/7 at


The Kids Help Line website

I need help when:

  • I hurt myself

  • I hurt others

  • I threaten to hurt myself or others

  • I avoid social situations and isolate myself

  • I appear depressed or anxious and do not participate in daily activities/school

  • I stop attending classes and my grades decline

  • I become focused on being perfect and get really upset making any mistake

  • I show new behaviours that are of a concern

  • I use substances only to cope

  • I share that I don’t like myself

  • I become easily angered, irritated & aggressive towards others

Thanks to Interior Community Services

Kamloops Community YMCA-YWCA for developing

and sharing this material 

At Haven Society we offer a place to be believed and heard. We support children and youth to express feelings they may never have expressed before.  We acknowledge all the many creative and diverse ways they have responded to events in their lives.

What We do in the PEACE Program

The goal of the PEACE Program is to interrupt/break the cycle of inter-generational abuse by:

  • Supporting children and youth exposed to violence in relationships

  • Addressing their emotional and psychological needs

  • Developing parental awareness of how children and youth can respond to domestic violence

  • Working with parents and caregivers to support and understand the unique needs of their children

  • Raising community awareness through violence prevention education


The PEACE Program helps children and youth to:

  • Understand that they are not responsible for the violence

  • Learn that they are not alone: others have experienced similar situations

  • Develop a safety plan

  • Express feelings in a healthy way

  • Identify support networks

  • Recognize strengths and increase self-confidence

  • Acknowledge ways violence was resisted

  • Explore myths about violence and violence in the media

  • Support social skills and school performance

  • Develop strong conflict resolution skills

For information please call 250-756-2452 and ask to speak to someone on the PEACE team


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