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Parksville - Qualicum Haven Society

Within the growing Oceanside communities of Parksville-Qualicum, Haven Society works in collaboration with the Society of Organized Services to provide support including the following services: 

Parksville - Qualicum Haven House 

is a program delivered by Haven Society in collaboration with the Society of Organized Services.

Opened in October 2013, the Parksville-Qualicum Haven House is a direct response to many local community members and organizations who felt strongly that women and children needed access to a safe shelter in their home communities.

This Oceanside area safe house provides temporary shelter to support women and children who have experienced violence and are seeking safety while exploring their options in Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Nanoose, Errington, Coombs, Whiskey Creek, Qualicum Bay and Bowser.

More than providing shelter, emotional support and advocacy, Parksville-Qualicum Haven House is a safe place to begin healing from abuse.

The crisis line are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Please call 1-888-756-0616

Outreach Program

supports marginalized women who are at risk of homelessness within the Oceanside area. This program is based around harm reduction, meeting immediate needs and promoting healthy choices. Please call 250-248-3500 ext. 4.

Community Victim Services 

was established in January 2004 in the Parksville-Oceanside area, providing 

free information and emotional support for women, men and child survivors

of sexual abuse, sexual assault, criminal harassment, family and dating abuse.

What Victim Services Does in the Community

Victims of family, dating and or sexual abuse may be suffering from physical

and/or emotional effects that are not only painful, but confusing and

frightening  as well. You may feel frustrated by the incident itself and by the

criminal justice system, or just need some answers.

Physical and sexual abuse often goes unreported. People need a place to talk

about relationship violence, abuse and sexual assault where the focus is not on

the criminal justice system. Survivors may want to be informed and consider

options before contacting the police or any other formal system.


People who experience abuse also need a place to be uncertain, to consider all aspects of their situation and to take some time before acting. Uncertainty is normal; these situations are complex and take time to sort out.


Planning for safety and assessing risk is ongoing and varies over time. Abuse is often a part of a pattern and can be more than a single incident or crisis point. Ongoing support can be very helpful.

To contact Community Victim Support Services in Parksville,

please call 250-248-3500 ext. 1

Fax: 250-248-3590

What Community Victim Support Services Does

  • Contact is made within a couple of business days

  • Provide safety planning, resource and referral information

  • Provide emotional support & information on dynamics & impact of abuse

  • Help explore decisions and strategies for coping with trauma

  • Accompaniment where possible to police and court

  • Help with Crime Victim Assistance Applications, & Victim Impact Statements

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