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How to Donate to Haven Society

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Haven Society donors and the support of the Nanaimo and Oceanside communities, Haven Society continues to offer a safe place for women, children and families to begin healing from domestic violence. Even the smallest donation has the power to truly transform a life, and we offer a very heartfelt and humble thank you for your ongoing support.

Each year Haven Society is required to fundraise a significant portion of our operating budgets from within the communities in which we serve. In Parksville - Qualicum we fundraise over 11% of our annual budget and in Nanaimo, nearly 19% of our budget comes from donations. These amounts allow us just to offer our current support and servicing, yet we know that we are still forced to turn women and children away due to lack of resources. The need is great...but our community and our donors are greater! 

Haven Society relies on gifts of many types in order to serve the more than 3,000 women a year seeking support at Haven.

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