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Safety Quilt Project

For at least 20 years, quilts have been wrapped around clients at Haven​ to help them feel safe. For Haven's 40th Anniversary, we are showcasing quilts: how safe they make you feel as well as the incredible generosity and compassion of the women who create them for Haven.

Quilts Create a Safe Space

Over the years, gatherings of quilters in Nanaimo have lovingly crafted hundreds of quilts for Haven clients. Each quilt requires 40-60 hours. Every stitch and every design is brought into the world with love and compassion by creating hands.

Women and children at Haven bring these quilts home as a reminder to stay safe. When they are feeling alone and scared, the warmth and coziness of the quilt offers security... and the love with which it is infused is a reminder that they are not alone.

A quilt wrapped around a woman or a child who has experienced violence offers immediate warmth, comfort, and security.

Quilts reflect the grassroots, community approach to making sure that everyone feels safe and is safe. 

Because safety changes everything, quilts are also a reminder that safety doesn’t happen by accident. We are all responsible for promoting safety.

Client Quote re Quilt copy_opt.jpg

A quilt says,

“You are safe here.”

Safety Quilt Photo Project

The Safety Quilt Photo Project helps all of us to know what it feels like to be wrapped in a quilt. We wrap a quilt around your shoulders then, optionally and with your permission, take a photo of you.

Digital Quilt Project

Messages of how to promote safety are written and drawn on paper squares that are lovingly "stitched" together to create a digital safety quilt.

Digital quilt from squares created at Haven Society's AGM & 40th Anniversary Event

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