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Crime Victim Assistance Program

What is it?
The Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) is a BC Government program that provides funding to victims of violent crimes to help in their recovery and healing. 

Who can apply?
If you have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused, as an adult or a child, or have been a victim of violence that has “suffered any physical or mental injury or economic loss” (Victim of Crime Act, 2020) because of trauma or abuse in the past year, you may be eligible to apply to this program. Victims of crime include immediate family members of a deceased or injured victim, and witnesses to the crime.  

What can I apply for?
This funding may include private counselling, medical, dental and prescription costs, as well as lost income and protective measures. For a full list of items covered, please see the link.

How do I apply?
You can download from this link or pick up an application from our Haven office. A Community Victim Service Worker at Haven (250-756-2452 ext. 234) will be happy to assist you filling out the application or answer questions. Once completed, you can mail it to the address inside the front cover of the application. If you need assistance with mailing, please drop off the completed and signed form at our front desk.

During the time of Covid-19, many people are choosing not to have contact with others. With this in mind, the CVAP program is now also accepting online applications. Use this link to the website if that is your preference.

Is there a time limit for applying?
Generally, applications are accepted up to one year from the date of the crime.  However, victims of sexual assault and children who have experienced/witnessed abuse do not have a timeline for applying, and exceptions can be made under special circumstances. If the trauma/abuse was more than one year ago and you have questions about applying, please ask a Community Victim Service Worker at Haven for assistance or call the CVAP program directly (1-866-660-3888).

How many counselling session will I get?
Most applicants receive 24-48 hours, while immediate family members may be approved up to 24 hrs. (max.), and witnesses of crime up to 18 hrs (max.) in counselling.

Do I need to report the crime to the police to apply for this program?
No, a police report or file number is not needed to apply for CVAP. The program case worker may ask for more information without a police report to consult, but that is not a basis to refuse your application.

If you are having problem accessing the above link, this is the website address:


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