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Men Choose Respect Program

The Men Choose Respect program is for men who want to stop their use of abuse in their personal relationships and choose respect and equality with their partners.

The program provides a combination of individual contact, partner contact and group sessions to provide support to men as they make decisions to base their relationships on safety, respect and caring.

Are you willing to:

  • Make a commitment to the program?

  • Consider personal responsibility and stop the use of abuse and/or violence?

  • Set goals and report progress?

  • Participate in individual and group sessions?

  • Commit to the process and attend 80% of group sessions or more?

If you are ready to take these steps towards quality relationships based on

caring, respect and equal partnership – call us today.



For more information about Men Choose Respect in Nanaimo,

please call 250-756-2452 extension 304. 

In Parksville, please call 250-248-3500 extension 3.


Services are confidential and free of charge.


Funding provided by the Society of Organized Services and the Province of B.C.

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