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Message from the Outreach Team


Many women suffer from anxiety, loneliness, and depression and often are isolated from others on a daily basis for many reasons. It can be especially challenging with this new way of life we are currently living due to Covid-19. The impact of isolation, social distancing, limiting outings and supports will no doubt worsen worry and stress for many people during this time. Many women we have spoken too with these concerns, all say that human contact is key to supporting women during this time. Whether it be a text or a phone call just to show some one cares. Haven Society is here for women, and to support them through and after this pandemic... So please call.

One woman indicated what helps her is nature, she stated “nature doesn’t know there is a virus, the flowers are still blooming and the birds are still singing”. 

Remember we are all in this together; let’s stay united however we can.

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